Seasonal and discounted all-in-one services

Spring Cleanup

Our A La Carte spring cleanup service involves numerous aspects such as:

- Clearing away leaves, branches, and clutter
- Mowing the grass
- Adding/replacing mulch 
- Re-edging and/or cleaning garden and flower beds
- Redefining the borders of the lawn
- Overseeding entire lawn or re-seeding damaged areas of the lawn
- Trimming shrubs
- Aeration*
- Weed Treatment*

Services will be discounted if at least 4 items above are completed during one service visit or are chosen on the estimate form

*These services will be performed by a partner company

Our Services

Traditional Service (Mow, trim, blow)


Options: Single Service, Bi-Weekly Service, Weekly Service

Included in our traditional service is mowing the yard, trimming the edges of the yard, and blowing grass out of walkways and driveways.

Bush Trimming

Are your bushes looking a little overgrown? We have the tools for that!


Looking for mulch delivery and installation? We've got your back! 

If you already have mulch at your property, we can spread it for you. If you need mulch delivered, we can do that too.


Need someone to care for your existing garden or help you make a new one? We are able to plant plants that are already purchased, deliver and install garden soil, and weed garden beds.


Is your yard looking a little yellow or do you need to overseed for the start of a new season? We can seed your yard for you!

If you already have seed, we can spread it for you. If you need seed, we can get it for you too.